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Dear visitor,

My name is Giorgos Dalianis and I am the founder and owner of Extreme Tours. I am a professional Certified Mountain Leader and certified Canyoning Guide & trainer of ICAN organization (International Centre of Adventure and Nature).

Extreme Tours is active since 2016 and its purpose is to offer activities such as trekking, canyoning, etc., which raise the adrenaline!

Safety is a priority for any kind of activity. Only in this way will the visitor discover the hidden beauties of Greece, be satisfied with our activities, have fun every moment, and have an unforgettable experience with his/hers friends!

The company is not only an activity center, but also an authorized training center for ICAN. Through canyoning schools the trainee gets in touch with the magical world of the canyons and is ready to navigate with safety.

The company promotes and supports the ecological profile and awareness through its activities by observing the following rules.
1. We fully apply the seven principles of the right hiker to all activities according to the “Leave No Trace” organization
2. We fully respect our welcoming environment
3. We do not disturb the inhabitants of their ecosystem
4. We only hike on officially signposted trails and do not stray off course.
5. We respect the rules of National Parks
6. We collect any trash that we come across in our business
7. We conduct specific waste collection activities in high traffic areas
8. We transmit ecological consciousness through our activities

Extreme Tours is ready to take you to places that only few can visit!
Are you ready to dare something different and live to the extreme?

It’s your choice!

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